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Chinese Culture at the Hornell Public Library

    On the afternoon of Feb.19, there was a celebration of Chinese culture in Hornell, the community close to Alfred.  The Chinese Director of CIAU, Dr. Jijun Yu, led a team to visit Hornell Public Library at the invitation of Margaret Potter who is in charge of the children's department at the Library.

    The library was beautifully decorated with lanterns and Chinese knots since the event happened to fall on the Chinese Lantern Festival. The audience warmed up with dancing with the folk dancer Ma. The young kids and their parents greatly enjoyed demonstrations of traditional dresses, cheongsam (Qipao) and Han Chinese dress (Hanfu). Afterward, everyone was involved in the traditional Chinese papercutting. The young kids were amazed to find themselves making paper cutting artworks 春, which means “spring”. And finally, everyone learned to speak Chinese in groups. The highlight was the demonstration of the traditional Chinese New Year Red Envelope. The young kids were so excited to receive red envelopes with Chinese coins inside to enrich their collections.

    The event ended with warm greetings and goodbyes in Chinese in one lovely hours. The participants were very grateful for the beautiful program.

Coach Ma Haiqiu playing Yangge Dance

Liu Lu introducing Hanfu

Local residence Moore trying Qipao

Children and parents experiencing 3-D paper cutting