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On October 6, 2018, The Second National Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs: Building a Better Chinese Immersive Learning Model will be held

Confucius Institute at Alfred University candidly invites communication, cultural studies and linguistic teachers and researchers to participate in our 2nd National Conference on Chinese Immersion Programs(CIP) which will be held on October 6, 2018 in Alfred University, NY. The theme of this year is “Building a Better Chinese Immersive Learning Model”. We believe that this conference could provide a platform where participants can exchange ideas, obtain valuable experiences, and broaden their academic knowledge and networking. Proposals are invited on the following sub themes, including but not limited to:

Chinese immersion education

Chinese immersion teaching in the classroom

Management and administration of Chinese Immersion Program

Chinese language product introduction on Chinese Immersion Program

Pedagogy of Chinese Immersion Program

Evaluation of Chinese Immersion Program

Technology use in Chinese Immersion Program



Abstract submission deadline: 08/15/2018 

Acceptance announcement:09/15/2018

All the proposals and papers should be in English.

Conference Date: 10/6/2018

Conference Location: Alfred University

                                   1 Saxon Drive

                                    Alfred, NY, 14802

Registration fee: $30 (including meals)

Contact info: CIAU@ALFRED.EDU

Program will be published later.

Format for Proposal

1. Applicant’s name

2. Title of proposed research project

3. Summary of research

Maximum 250 words  

4. Introduction 

Provide the relevant background information and explain the motivation for your study. 

5. Objectives and hypotheses to be tested 

List (using bullet points) the aims/objectives of the study and, where relevant, specify the hypotheses to be tested. 

6. Literature review 

Discuss the key publications in the proposed research area. 

7. Materials and methods 

Explain how you intend to undertake the research. There is no need to describe experimental apparatus or analyses in great detail: an indication of the approach to be adopted (with citation of sources) is adequate in most cases. 

8. Anticipated outcome and value of the research 

Explain the likely significance of your research and how it will impact the research field. 

9. Literature cited 

Provide bibliographic details of all references cited, adopting a standardized format.